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AMELIA - Vibrant green colour handmade shoulder bag

AMELIA - Vibrant green colour handmade shoulder bag

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This handmade everyday shoulder bag is crafted in a vibrant green colour. Perfect for bringing to the office, or while running errands.

The interior of the bag comprises two layers. The first layer supports the structure and helps maintain the bag's shape, so it's best to avoid folding any part of the bag to avoid damage. The second layer is aesthetic in nature.

Measure each bag meticulously to guarantee the perfect size for you; every handbag is hand-crafted, so the sizing may differ.

Product specifications:

    • 100% handmade
    • Colour: Vibrant green
    • ECO leather bottom and zipper
    • ECO leather strap 70cm (2,5cm wide)
    • DS Creabags logo to enhance the authenticity
    • Dimensions: L:23cm x H:26cm x W (bottom):10cm / W (top) 6cm



Adding handmade handbag in our wardrobe brings feeling of adding jewel to your wardrobe and should be treated with special care.

Fashioned with exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, each of our shoulder bags are uniquely handmade to not only look luxurious, but also withstand the test of time. To ensure its lasting beauty, please use with care and caution (e.g. no over-packing, no folding).


  • To preserve the inner layer, avoid folding or forcefully bending it
  • If cleaning is required, lightly dab with a damp cloth
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