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CLAUDIA WS23 shoulder handbag with ECO leather strap

CLAUDIA WS23 shoulder handbag with ECO leather strap

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Claudia Winter small with ECO leather strap.

Lovely small crocheted shoulder bag for various occasions.  This handbag is the perfect accessory for a range of activities, with its charming finish, superior quality and convenient size.

Lining consists of two layers. First one has supporting function and also helps keeps bags shape. Therefore, it is not advised to fold any parts of the bag in order not to damage this layerThe second layer is form fabric, providing an additional decorative element and a small pocket.

Please check measurements of each bag to ensure the size is right for you. Each handbag is handmade and thus the size can vary.

Product specifications:

    • 100% handmade
    • Colour: Bordeaux 
    • ECO leather shoulder strap 70cm
    • DS Creabags logo to enhance the authenticity
    • Dimensions: L:22cm x H:14cm x W:6cm



Adding handmade handbag in our wardrobe brings feeling of adding jewel to your wardrobe and should be treated with special care.

Each bag is designed and crafted by hand, with a focus on sustainability and longevity. A gentle touch is recommended for optimum function and purposed-crafted aesthetics. Excessive weight-bearing and folding should be avoided.


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